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January:  This is the time of year when you can get a large build up of moss, if so I will apply a moss treatment to blacken and kill the moss also this will keep the grass strong and healthy over the winter months.


February-March: As this is the start of the growing season I will apply a Nitrogen-Potash fertiliser which helps to control moss and acts as a spring start up tonic fertilizer, which will give a thick, green appearance to your lawn and help to develop strong roots. Approx two weeks later I will scarify to remove thatch and any remaining dead moss. If after this overseeding is needed I will use a high quality seed that I can match to your individual lawn, for drought tolerance and recovery, deep rooting capability, shoot density, wear tolerance, water logging, shade tolerance, tolerance to disease all will keep your lawn looking great.


April: At this point your lawn will look healthy and have a vibrant colour and thicker in appearance. To keep it this way through the summer I will apply a quality summer granular fertiliser which has slow release capabilities and a high Nitrogen content, as this will give longevity through the summer and also give a rich green colour and hardness to the lawn to cope with dry hot weather.


May-June: This is the time of the year when I will apply a selective herbicide to kill the unsightly weeds in your lawn, but which is gentle and safe for your lawn. (You will see a browning of the weeds in a few day of application and complete eradication after about 6 weeks).


July– August: As these months are generally the hottest time of the year I will apply a Summer Season fertilizer. This has lower nitrogen content so it reduces the risk of growth flush whilst still enabling replenishment it also is formulated with Magnesium to enhance turf health and colour also if there are any remaining weeds I will do a spot treatment to kill them off. If you have a pest problem in your lawn I will apply a pesticide to control them. (Leather jackets/chauffer grubs).


September- October-November: As the winter months are shortly arriving this is when I will apply an Autumn fertilizer. This is very important as this is designed to protect the lawn and help cope with the hash, cold, frosty weather also it will help to prevent lawn diseases and give winter colour and blacken any moss. Scarification will be needed to relieve the buildup of dead organic matter, also if there are any remaining weeds I may do a spot treatment to kill them off.


December: Moss control is important at this time of year so I will apply a moss treatment if any moss is present this will be an iron based liquid treatment. Also an aeration treatment will be carried out to your lawn to help relieve any waterlogging that may encourage the moss to thrive.

This is a lawn care program which will keep your lawn looking beautiful all year through, i will be happy to come and assess your lawn and let you know what treatments you require and give you a free quotation.

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