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Lawn mowing ( Ride-on & predestrian)

Fallen leaf clean up

Lawn edging

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Flower bed weeding

Small tree pruning

Flower bed design & garden design


Hedge cutting

Hard surface jet washing

Weed killing on hard surfaces

Planting vegtables and maintenance of veg patches

and any other odd jobs in the garden


Lawn Fertilizing

Lawn growth depends on essential elements (nutrients) absorbed by the roots from the soil. When natural soil processes do not provide adequate supplies of these essential elements, fertiilzer can be applied to maintain optimum turfgrass growth. the purpose of fertilizing a lawn is to add the necessary nutrients in the required amounts and at the proper time to achieve desirable lawn qualities and healthy turfgrass plants.  I can apply organic fertilizers if you require!   

Lawn Scarification

As I worked in the golf industry I highly recommend this service as it does wonders for your turfgrass. Over time your lawn has a build up of organic matter which is known as thatch, this is formed from dead grass leaves, shoots and roots. This results in a soft spongy lawn that has slower surface drainage as well as an increased pest and disease problems, also it encourages the grass to form a shallow root system that quickly suffers from drought stress in hot dry weather.     

Hollow/Solid Tine Aeration

Aeartion is one of the most important maintenance tasks carried out on turf.


Aeration means to get air into somthing. In turf it is simply the production of holes through the turf surface into the underlying rootzone (soil) to allow gases (oxygen ect.) in and out of the soil and for water and grass roots to move down through the soil.


Tine type-hollow these are best suited to:

> Relief of soil compaction - because a core is removed from the soil leaving space for plant roots to grow into.

> Soil exchanging - the cores of soil removed can be replaced with an improved top dressing such as sand or a sand and soil mix.

> Aiding thatch control - the ejected core contain thatch, which is removed from the turf.


Tine type - solid these are best suited to:

> Use on hard or stony ground - this is due to the tines strong construction and resistance to damage and wear.

> Allowing air into the soil during general aeration.

> Enhancing the flow of irrigation water into dry turf during drought conditions. soild tines create a round hole in the turf surface that will not open up as the surface dries.



Over Seeding & Turfing

If your lawn is in disrepair it will need re-turfing.

Turf is a mass of living plants which requires a certain amount of care and maintenance to ensure it establishes well and continues to produce a good lawn also good preparation before laying the turf is vital to ensure that your new lawn establishes well and continues to thrive. After laying the new lawn I will give advice and services on feeding, watering and mowing the lawn as there are some important requirements after laying a new lawn.

Lawn Weed Control

Every household or commercial building will have weeds, whether its in your lawn or on your hard surfaces they can look very unsightly. Weeds compete with turf for food, water, light and space and this weakens grass growth, also they can break up path surfaces and damage tarmac car parks and other hard surfaces as the weed roots are very strong and aggressive. On your lawn i will apply a selective herbicide as this will kill the weeds but leave the grass unharmed, as i am NPCT qualified I can use stronger products than you may buy in a department store so giving better results and no risk of damage to your lawn.

 I can eradicate more difficult weeds such as common nettle, thistle, spear thistle and plantains also woody weeds such as brambles, gorse, broom        

Lawn Moss Control

Moss needs controling on lawns and on hard surfaces, as moss in lawns competes with grass and crowds out the grass, also as moss dies it helps cause rapid thatch build up which will make your lawn look very unhealthy. Moss can be equally troublesome on hard surfaces such as patios and tennis courts as it can make the surface very slippery and looks unsightly too. I will either apply a moss killer or use a fertilizer that burns the moss to kill it, an aeration treatment may need carrying out to reduce compaction and improve drainage. 

Lawn Pest Control

Turf pests can be very damaging to lawns if not dealt with promptly and professionally, as pests can eat grass roots causing unsightly damage as the turf dies or becomes stressed. They also weaken the grass cover allowing weeds to invade and may also encourage predators who do great damage to the turf while feeding on the pest. I have a great treatment to stop worm casts apearing on your lawns too.      The main turf pests in the UK are: -

Leatherjackets, Earthworms, Cutworms, Chafer grubs, Moles, Rabbits, Wire worms, Ants, Frit Flies.


If you see any damage to your lawns i will come and identify the pest and apply the correct treatment, which in most circumstances will be a Insecticide sprayed onto the lawn entering the soil killing the pest on contact.           

Control Of Turf Diseases

Turf diseases are becoming more frequent in the UK mainly due to the extream changable weather we have been having. Diseases can cause unsightly damage or kill turf and leave bare areas of turf which will encourages the invasion of weeds and moss.

The most common fungal diseases that attack in the UK are as follows:-

Fusarium patch, Red thread, Brown patch, Fairy rings, Take-all patch, Grey snow mould, Anthracnose basal rot.


If you think you have a turf Disease in your lawn please call me to come and identify which disease it is and apply a fungicide treatment.

Remember the best way of avoiding diseases is to keep the grass healthy! 

Tennis Court Control of Algae, Mosses, Moulds, Fungi, Lichen

If you are tired of trying to brush off moss & moulds from your tennis courts for it just to return a few weeks later. I can treat the area once or twice a year for the control of  algae, mosses, moulds, fungi, slime, liverworts and lichen on all hard surfaces including concrete, asphalt, tarmac, block paving and artificial sports surfaces. You will have a lovely playing surface for you to enjoy. 

Apply lawn wetting agents

During times of drought, the lack of water and heat stress can have an adverse effect on the soil causing it to become hydrophobic (water repellent). Wetting agents or soil surfactants work by lowering the surface tension of water enabling the water to move and penetrate into the root zone or soil where it is most needed. By using a wetting agent during drought and dry weather you can help combat dry patch in the lawn.

Apply lawn growth regulators

A growth regulator will reduce the rate at which the grass plant grows, it has a wide range of benefits:

  • reduces grass top growth,improves sward density and rootmass
  • improves turf colour, appearance, strength and resilience
  • cuts down mowing frequency - one application can reduce grass clippings by up to 50 percent
  • cuts down wear and tear on machinery
  • helps manage Poa annua 


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